So many people are operating under immense stress these days.

Sometimes the stress that you may feel has persisted for such a long time that you have accepted it as normal. Does that sound like you?

Chronic stress has its con-sequences. These can include depressed and anxious moods, insomnia, substance abuse or addiction, marital or
relationship issues and myriad medical problems. In some cases stress may precipitate severe mental illnesses like major depression or even a psychotic break.

The good new is that, through various types of psychotherapy, there is help available.

I have been helping clients, in my private practice, for over 20 years to reduce the symptoms brought on by life's problems and to resolve underlying causes that unconsciously may at the root their problems.

I welcome the opportunity to speak to you about whatever is affecting you and to help formulate a plan for helping you through this and future difficult times

Please call me at 412-963-6540 or email me at kjstickel

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........Effective help for life's problems

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