Charles H Kuhn, LCSW, BCD, FAPA
Karen J. Stickel, LCSW, BCD, FAPA

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It's all About Change.
We all deal with change. Change is inevitable in our lives and you can either  manage change and shape it to your advantage, or let those changes manage and shape you.

We have the abilities to cope with most  of the changes in our lives. Some of us don't realize that we posses those abilities and feel  overwhelmed in dealing with the accompanying stress.

At other times we are perfectly capable of handling ordinary situations and changes, but find ourselves  in unexpected or extreme situations for which our normal coping skills seem to be inadequate.

 Whatever the sources of your stress, the result could be anxious or depressed moods, panic attacks and more.

 On this website you may find some helpful resources, or you may wish to call us to arrange a personal consultation.

........Effective help for life's problems

​​​Welcome to the Effective Counseling website. 

Here, on our website, in the comfort of your home or office, perhaps at your favorite coffee shop sipping a latté, you'll find helpful information about dealing with life's problems and useful links to other sites. You can also learn enough about us and the services that we provide to decide if you need and want to make an appointment in person for a consultation and assessment

We provide effective help for individuals, couples and families, who are seen by scheduled appointment, in a comfortable and confidential private practice environment. Issues of concern include mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, communication problems, child/adolescent behavior, bereavement and emotional trauma, among others, 

Special attention is paid to military service members and their families,  We participate with most health insurance plans and many employee assistance programs. Both locations are accessible to public transportation and have convenient parking.